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Filament Extruder for 3D Printer

Posted by  7xCNC  Mar 28, 2013

Turn ABS pellets (cheap) in to filament (expensive)

Based on work by Hugh Lyman (Extruder I, Extruder II), FilaStruder, and bobt.



Power supply: 12v 10a from Ebay for $12.25 shipped (search "12v 10a power supply")

12v 10a Power Supply

Temperature control: a combo PID + Solid state relay (SSR) + thermocouple from Ebay for $18.69 shipped. (search "PID temperature" item title "PID Digital Temperature Control Controller 0 to 400℃ + K Sensor + 25DA SSR ER99")


DC Motor controller: from Ebay for $5.77 shipped (search "DC motor controller" item title "New 10A DC 12V 24V 36V DC Motor Driver Motor Speed PWM Control Controller")

DC Motor Controller

Auger: from Ebay for $7.50 shipped (search "14mm Auger Drill")

Auger.jpgBand Heater: from Ebay ~$7 (search "Band Heater")


Motor: Windscreen Wiper motor from a Auto Parts place, $20 2nd hand

Pipe: TBA

Nozzle: TBA

Misc: Switches, wire, fans, wood



Useful reading:

Lyman Extruder I
Lyman Extruder II
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