A site dedicated to CNC of Mini lathes - the 7x10, 7x12, 7x14, and 7x16

7x (Minilathe) sites

Mini-lathe.com - the original and the best. A site covering a huge range of topics about the mini-lathe. Many excellent guides and tips. A must read for any new small lathe owner.

Mike's Workshop - good range of manual mini lathe modifications and tooling


CNC sites

CNCzone.com - probably the biggest and most diverse forum about CNC. Some great info and very knowledgeable people.

CNCzone Mini Lathe forum - CNCzone forum dedicated to the mini lathe (7x10, 7x12, 7x14, 7x16)

Woodworkforums.com CNC forum - an Australian CNC forum within a great forum, primarily about woodwork.


CNC & Tooling Suppliers


Automation Technologies Inc. - also known as Keling. Well known supplier of CNC components. Well regarded.

CNC4PC - great source of CNC electronics. Quite reasonable shipping prices.

LittleMachineShop (aka LMS) is a shop aimed at small machines. Good range of products at good prices. Shipping is quite good, and they use USPS flat rate boxes for overseas purchases where possible.


Homann Designs - Gecko distributor for Australia plus good range of CNC supplies. Also has Homann Designs own range of input-output gear (ModIO).

AusXmods - Sydney based. Excellent packing + shipping. Good range of CNC gear. Great source for pulleys and belts. Great prices.

BoltsNutsScrewsOnline - not directly CNC related, but a cheap online source of fasteners, particularly stainless. Wide range and good prices, I've been happy with my purchases.


You can find a lot of decent cheap tools on ebay.

CTCTools is a great source of collets, cutting tools, and inspection tools, amongst other things. Cheap, usually good quality. Allow a couple of weeks for shipping.


Machining related sites

5Bears has some great home build CNC machines, plus some awesome projects including turbines.



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