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Skyfire CNC Part 1 - The Casting

Posted by  7xCNC  Aug 25, 2013


Skyfire, located in China, have developed a great small CNC mill and is now beginning manufacture - no struggling with a conversion of a manual mill. They call the it SVM-0

Part One covers making the blanks for the casting moulds.

Part Two covers machining of the cast iron and initial parts fitting

Part Three covers painting, assembly and alignment

Part Four covers the electronics.

Skyfire are presently working on their website - we'll be sure to post a link when they have it up and running.

They are also working on a range of larger machines, with extended capabilities such as automated tool changer (ATC), and looking at producing lathes.

This article is about the core of the machine - the casting

The process starts with carefully shaped wooden blanks



Column Blank


These are then sanded to a smooth finish:



Once sanded, the blanks receive a few layers of spray paint, with careful sanding between layers, to provide a smooth durable finish for repeated use in sand moulding: